“Peace for all!”

2015 /  author:   Nahid Shahalimi

I had been looking into getting a meeting with H.E. President Karzai for a long time. Due to his busy schedule and my chaotic schedule when I am in Afghanistan, it never seemed to be the right time… Until last December. Thanx to a good friend who made it possible.

I was very impressed by President Karzai's down to earth and truly kind manners. He took almost one hour to speak with me and discuss issues concerning the problems we face within and outside of Afghanistan. He told me his thoughts and ideas and where he sees the country in the future. It was a very interesting conversation and to a certain degree even like an interview. I did not hold myself back with my questions and to my surprise he answered every single one with grace and directly without beating around the bush – exactly to my taste.

As I explained in detail the real reason for my visit - the “Coexist” campaign – he smiled elegantly and stood up to sign. As he saw the painting I asked: “Do you consider yourself an international ambassador of peace?” He answered: “Of course. Peace for all!”