COEXIST - Brian Rennie

2015 /  author:   Nahid Shahalimi

"My husband Ferdinand and I are so proud to support Nahid in this fantastic campaign. The never ending stream of people from different cultures seeking refuge in Europe over the recent months has led to an outpouring of humanity but also shockingly to an ever growing dissent and even hate amongst certain elements. It is our human duty to help people in need. We do not have to understand the different religions and cultures but we can certainly find it in our hearts to tolerate and accept the differences.

Let us unite and tolerate each other! No matter what gender, colour, race - we can all live side by side - and RESPECT! We are proud to count amongst our friends people from Afghanistan, India, Albania, Israel, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Slovakia, Bosnia, Cuba, USA and many other countries that may have at some time been at war with one another. Stand up for unity - it is out Duty!"

Brian Rennie