„Make a difference with co-existence!“

2015 /  author:   Nahid Shahalimi

One of the things I feared the most when I started the journey for “Coexist” was the thought of arriving for a signing session and losing the pens on the road. I can tell you that anything is possible. Well, there is something even more embarrassing than that.

A couple of months ago, in London, England, I had the privilege to meet one of my favorite singers of my teenage life, Lisa Stansfield. You all know the “All around the world” hit and many more after that. It was one of my favorite songs of 1989. She joined and supported “Coexist” without the blink of an eye.

That’s when it happened.

The newly bought, special and VERY expensive pens for the signing sessions all turned out to have dried ink. As you can imagine, what I was going through at that moment, Lisa turned to me and laughingly, in her very strong British accent said; “Honey, I will pay for new pens...” She kneeled to the ground and wrote by pressing over and over her statement and signature till she got a little ink out of one of the pens. With a huge smile she gave me a hug and I got to hear “All around the world” live a few minutes after that. I must admit Lisa still has that unique and beautiful voice and it sounded much better live than what I heard in my yellow trendy Walkman in 1989.